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The Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time

--The First Time--

The only thing worse than an unfilled critical executive position is having the wrong leader in place. The true cost is almost incalculable.

SWBi International offers a high value, high execution alternative to the big box, publicly traded search firms. Our personal approach and "white glove" service  ensure our clients get the best.

Providing the same global reach through technology and our partner network, we answer only to our clients; not to Wall Street in quarterly conference calls. While the process is essentially the same for SWBi and the big box firms, the difference is in attention to detail, dedication, commitment and being accountable solely to the client. And, with a minimal off limits list, virtually all companies are in our network for sourcing candidates.

For over 25 years and through over 1000 senior executive searches, SWBi's singular mission has been to provide global retained executive search services to corporations and private equity organizations. Candidates recruited have contributed to the generation of tens of billions of dollars in market capitalization.

While the final candidate selection is yours, SWBi is your partner in making sure you select the right one. We provide much more than a list of candidates, offering an independent and objective third opinion, challenging you throughout the process to ensure that you ultimately select the right candidate.  Our objectives mirror the goals for you, your board and shareholders. We want you to make the optimal candidate selection for the long term not just a selection to finalize the search.

Our four distinct practice groups:

  • Board


  • VP: Sales, Marketing, Engineering

  • Individual Contributor Teams (SalesSearchMax)

As former senior executives, each team member has extensive executive experience, lending perspective, empathy, and an understanding of the client organization's need to recruit the best. And, every search is co-managed by two principals of the firm to ensure the highest levels of service and counsel.

Working closely with client management to facilitate the organizational transition and to maximize the contribution of the new executive to that client’s goals, the end result is greater market capitalization and a corporate culture consistent with client values.

At Your Service

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Having the right people in the right place at the right time is a main management responsibility.

"With the demands of leadership at an all-time high and executive tenure at a record low, executive search consulting is the single most influential form of management consulting engaged by organizations."

"If done well, executive search consulting has no substitute."

excerpts from:        Deciding Who Leads
by:     Joseph Daniel McCool