SWBi Partners International

Assembling the right leadership team is the primary critical success factor over which we have control as corporate caretakers.

THE SWBi International MISSION

Our mission is to assist clients by identifying and developing outstanding leaders who can solve problems, build & grow profitable businesses, and develop winning teams.

An Effective Search Requires Expertise


Thorough understanding of client culture,  chemistry & organization in order to deliver suitable candidates and the ideal selection.


ØWorking knowledge of the functional discipline for which the executive is being sought. (CEO, sales, marketing, PMs, operations, compliance, etc.)

True Perspective

Experience and understanding of the corporate life-cycle stage the client company is in. (Ramp-up, turnaround, build, growth, right-sizing, etc.)

Disciplined Process

A disciplined, proven approach to executive search and consulting which ensures a consistent and successful delivery of results for clients.

Deep Sector Expertise

Expertise, not only in executive search but in financial services; from the CEO and Board levels down through key divisional and functional roles.

Expertise SWBi chart

SWBi’s partners have a 25 year track record of success in executive search, and 30 years of experience in high technology and industrial markets including; semiconductor, communications, software, SaaS, security, wireless. 

Our depth of knowledge and access to candidates ensures a high ROI engagement.

A Unique Formula for Success

  • SWBi is a combination of the experience & skills of a highly successful executive search firm and the broad high technology and industrial manufacturing experience of 25-year veterans.
  • The SWBi principals secure, own, manage and execute each engagement themselves.
  • SWBi will never abandon a search.
  • We prefer to be engaged by fewer, more meaningful clients to maximize our focus and minimize conflicts.
  • Our reach extends into Canada and overseas.
  • We are a client-driven boutique, not an earnings-driven “search factory”. You see only Principals.

The SWBi Process

Specification Development:

We work closely with management to develop needs from which to identify the initial candidate pool.

Research & Target Development:

We sift through industry sources to identify target companies, associations and candidates.

Candidate Development:

Long List of candidates is vetted, refined, benchmarked with client, and final target list developed.

Candidate Presentation:

SWBi interviews candidates, ranks them according to Search Evaluation Matrix; Short List to client.

Interview & Selection Process:

Interviews with client, observations, consultations, offer development, Reference Audit, offer made.

Candidate Acquisition:

Offer accepted and candidate in place. Post-hire review process and ongoing support begins.


SWBi Search Timeline: 90 Days

  • Needs analysis and research engine developed in first 1- 1 ½ weeks.
  • Drive candidate development hard the next 2-3 weeks, then ongoing.
  • Benchmark preliminary findings by week 5; continue to refine.
  • SWBi Interviews, Short List presentation and client interviews set by weeks 8-10.
  • Debrief & conduct reference audit on selected candidate in weeks 10-12.
  • Gain acceptance of offer by week 11-13.