High Technology: including communications, service providers, telecommunications (optical, wireless, switching, transmission, VoIP), software (Cloud, SAAS, Enterprise, Systems, Tools), Security, biotechnologies/life science (pharma, medical instrumentaton) and semiconductor. Douglas Walker, Ken Petkunas, Practice Leaders

Hospitality/Leisure: Sushila Desai formerly Senior Manager Executive Recruitment at Hilton Worldwide an investment of Blackstone, Practice Leader

Media & Entertainment Lead by SWBi joint venture with Eric Mark, 25 year expert in media entertainment ask for Mark / Walker Media Partners brochure by email Eric Mark or Douglas Walker, Practice Leaders

SWBi Principals and Practice Leaders include:

Douglas Walker,
Executive Managing Director/Founder
[email protected]
(781) 237-1199

Ken Petkunas,
Executive Managing Director High Technology, VC, PE Practice Lead
[email protected]
(617) 395-7679 Boston

Sushila Desai,
Executive Managing Director Hospitality/Leisure/Manufacturing
[email protected]
(781) 454-8871

Eric Mark,
Executive Managing Director is an expert in Media Entertainment. Brochure available upon request
[email protected]
(310) 766-3426 LA